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Here at Nomad we like to do things differently. Our name embraces the notion of a freer, more collaborative and community driven lifestyle and with that in mind we’re delighted to collaborate with the Chefs in Residence programme at Restaurant Numero 7 in Fez.
Chefs in Residence invite chefs from all over the world to visit Morocco as part of a cross-culinary exchange. Their remit is to work closely with local cooks and producers, use only ingredients sourced from local farms or medina souks, and to re-imagine them as modern Moroccan cuisine.
We are delighted to partner with them in order to host these exciting up-and-coming talents at the end of each residency in Fez as a 3-4 day pop-up at Nomad.

For 4 days only from November 8th – 11th (dinner service only) we are thrilled to present Stovetrotters, Oliver Truesdale Jutras, Phoebe Oviedo and Toby Sadettan.
During their four-day stint at Nomad the trio plan to evolve their interpretation of Moroccan cuisine with a menu that has a strong story behind it inspired by the rich history of Marrakech. Having developed show-stopping dishes in Fès like slow braised, souk spiced beef ribs and hibiscus curd with candied beetroot and Ras al Hanout streusel, in Marrakech they will be exploring little known or used ingredients with the aim of pushing the envelope further in terms of helping to pioneer a contemporary Moroccan cuisine.

Reservations essential